How to reduce false alarms

What is a false alarm?

A false alarm is the report of a false emergency causing unnecessary response and/or dispatch of authorities where they are not needed.


Why is reducing false alarms important?

A false alarm wastes valuable time, both yours and that of the emergency service providers. It may also jeopardize the ability of authorities to attend emergencies. If authorities are dispatched in response to false alarms, you may incur false alarm fees and it may also lead to the suspension of your alarm permit.


How can you reduce false alarms?

Knowing the common causes of false alarms is the first step to reducing them. We’ve included a few tips to get you started.

  1. Keep your emergency contact list up-to-date
  2. Follow arming and disarming best practices
  3. Consider your animal companions
  4. Inspect your system and setup
  5. Avoid hitting the panic buttons by mistake

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